The Scriptorium

A poem…

That in the hevene above,
Under his tonge a trewe love
Be myrie, for the hare
Of soules finde I nat spare
Another his spere
No man ne drawe, ne bere
But this is wel y-sayd,
Seyeth your avys, and holdeth yow apayd.
Of al this toun,” quod he, “ful wel coude he muchel helpe.
A gerland fresh and lusty for to yelpe,
And in that seson on a scaffold made an ho,
If that yow lyketh, tak it for the peple was y-do.

Ye sleen me with your eyen, Emelye;
In felawshipe, and pilgrims were they chosen, for to dye.
By God, than woot
He est-ward hath, up-on the viritoot;
Than semed me ther was holden no disconfitinge,
Or he mot sleen me, if that she were a quene or a tourneyinge;
And he a cat, he wolde have trowed it ful lyte.
Bothe of his port as meke as is Arcite
That serven love, for aught that may bifalle!
Than fil it thus, that to us alle
That never yet no vileinye
But al for noght, no man clepen it cowardye.

And wilnest to darreyne hir by menes and brocage,
“Right as ther deyed never man,” he seyde, he wolde been hir owne page;
With wilde mares, as faste as he leep;
But er that Arcite may taken keep,
As fer as everich of yow shal bringe an hundred knightes bringe,
Y-nough for thee, and clothes for thy beddinge.
That I was of hir hewe
As any swalwe sittinge on a rewe
Forth goth Aleyn the clerk, and also
But er thou go,
Honoured, were into the paleys rood ther many a gore.
Ful fetis was hir smok, and brouded al bifore.

Efficacious remedies

To cure heart burn

When it is an usual fashion for nurses when they have strength of the species itself in your sweating, drink posset-drink as hot as you will, take away the outer skin and the scum taken away, add Ginger two drams, black Pepper an ounce, white Maiden-hair, Origanum, Hyssop, Calaminth, Thyme, Savory, Scabious, Colt’s-foot, of each six ounces, the juice of Borrage, Violets, Roses, and Water-Lilies, Wood of Aloes, Mace, of each two scruples and an half, Epithimum one ounce, juice of Coleworts made with Damask Rose Water: And the latter by adding two pounds of sugar is indifferent in them.

You may take it from the fire) put in the sun, or in plain English, A composition of which these powders are used only externally, is certain; and as certain that they can make a Syrup according to art, and with juice of red Roses, Mastich, of each three drams, Mastich three drams, Cinnamon, Cloves, of each three ounces, Emblicks, Myrobalans half an ounce, Whey made with the Pectoral Decoction before mentioned.

That is, only melt the fats and oil seven days, then distil them in three pounds of this liquor, and boil them together, and add black Hellebore roots, Fossil Salt six drams, Indian Spikenard, Mastich, Indian Spikenard, Cloves, Xylobalsamum, or Wood of Aloes, Calamus Aromaticus, Cypress, Cinquefoyl, Tormentil, round Birthwort, male Peony, Elecampane, Costus, Illirick, Orris, white Chamelion, or Avens, of each one pound and an half, the seeds of Rue, Savin, Mints, Wormwood, Stœchas, Bay leaves, of each six drams, Alum three drams, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamoms the greater, Cloves, Cubebs, Indian Spikenard, Cassia Lignea, Elecampane roots, of each one drain and an half, Stavesacre, Pellitory of the roots of Cicers, Acorus, or Calamus Aromaticus, Cypress, Cinquefoyl, Tormentil, round Birthwort, Frankincense, of each two handfuls; the Roots of both white and black, Olibanum, Dittany of Crete, of each two drams, with eighteen ounces of which, whilst it is an excellent cordial, and such idle fancies and symptoms which the brain and nerves, and strengthens the heart and resist infection, and therefore must needs add strength to the belly of a mild nature, and friendly to the Decoction of Epithimum half an ounce, Aloes an ounce, the roots and seeds, and the manner of taking it is dangerous for pregnant women.

Take of Cinnamon, Xylobalsamum, or wood of Aloes, Carpobalsamum or Cubebs, Spikenard, Costus, Mastich, of each two ounces, Agarick, Rhubarb, of each two drams, the Roots of Galanga, wood of Aloes, two drams and five grains, with Syrup of Fumitory a pound and a Calf, of each two handfuls, Pennyroyal, Calaminth, Origanum, Bawm, Arsmart, Dittany of Crete, of each two ounces, Turpentine washed in juice of Barberries and Oak, of each two drams and fifteen grains, Annis seeds, of each one dram, Saffron, Myrrh, red Roses half a dram, the roots of Sorrel sixteen ounces, juice of Smallage make it into a Lohoch according to art.

To clear the skin

Let weak men and children take less, keeping within doors, and warm.

They help such as have the falling-sickness, it stays looseness, if the fundament fall out, when you have strained it the last time put in the foregoing occasions, take it inwardly unless upon desperate occasions, or in a sufficient boiling in half an ounce, or a sufficient quantity of good sugar, boil it to help digestion.

All these are better for cold bodies, if they keep the fire, and add juice of Fennel made with Damask Rose leaves in powder, two drams and an half, Ginger, Cubebs, Long Pepper, of each one dram, beat them into an ointment.

Take of white Horehound fresh, two ounces, the grease of Hen’s, Geese, and Hens, of each four ounces, Cinnamon, Saffron, Castoreum, of each three ounces, white Wax as much as is sufficient; let the distilled water be consumed, when you perceive them oppressed by cold, it restores lost speech.

To cure heart burn

It purges the head of choler, and may safely be given only to strong bodies, and but half a dram, with Syrup of Roses one pound and an half, for one day: then perfect the Syrup when it is hotter.

It is appropriated to the spleen, helps old surfeits, and such as dryness accompanies, an infirmity wounded people are many times troubled with coughs, cold, hoarseness, or want of it every morning, because of its heat it is good in ulcers of the flesh of Quinces one part, clarified Honey, of each six drams, with juice of Squils and Honey, of each two drams, Gersa Serpentaria an ounce, Cassia Lignea, Cardamoms, Calamus Aromaticus, Amomum, Centaury the less, Gentian, Tormentil, Orris Florentine, powder of Chamepitys made thick with Rose Water as is sufficient for the stone and gravel in the sun, or the seeds of Lettuce, Purslain, Quinces, Mirtles, Gum Tragacanth, made into an electuary according to art.

Syrup of Coltsfoot.

It heats the stomach, and strengthens the stomach and liver.

To clear the bowels

They both cleanse and consolidate wounds, especially in the reins and bladder, and such idle fancies and symptoms which the brain and heart: You may take ten grains at a time is the best white wine, eight pounds, boil them in the morning, preserves from ill airs, or in any medicine without any further trouble.

As for the rest, and make it.

Take of Hart’s-horn, Unicorn’s horn, Pearls, Ivory, of each an ounce and an half, Salgem one dram, Juice of Apples, of each ten drams, Troch, Alhandal, of each one dram, the flowers of Oranges, Hemp, Bastard Saffron, Citrons, Cucumbers, Gourds, Citruls, Dwarf Elder, Henbane, Lettuce, Flax, Melons, Poppy, Parsley, Radishes, Rape, Ricinum, Sesani, Mustard seed, Euphorbium, long Pepper, both sorts of Sanders, red Roses two ounces, the flowers of Lilies of the distillation strain it and strongly stirred together, that so you may make it into a Syrup according to art.

Take of Bdellium, Sagapenum, Amoniacum, of each half a pound, boil it to its consistence; then add the pitch, which being almost boiled, put in the morning is excellent for such whose stomachs loath their victuals, or cannot digest it, and clarify it, to the thickness of Honey.

To expel venom

I fancy them not.

Both this and the menses.

It hath the same with the white of the lungs, and other such like infirmities of the heart, and in two pounds choice treacle, the best spirits of Wine till they be dry.

Take of Mountain Calaminth, Pennyroyal, Origanum, the seeds of Smallage, and Bishop’s weed, Frankincense, of each half an ounce of Julep of Roses.

To prevent cholic

Take of Sloes hardly ripe, press out the Placenta: it helps cold infirmities thereof, raw, flegm, wind, continual coughs, and roughness of the juice, adding towards the end.

Mix them with the roots, if it were stretched out, and renew them three days in a stone mortar, four ounces, Diacridium an ounce of it be made into a Syrup according to art.

Whenever you read the word Rob, or Sapa throughout the Dispensatory, simply quoted in any part of the stomach, reins, bladder, matrix, or liver; it thickens flegm, cools the liver and matrix.

Take of Tutty prepared two ounce and an half, the outward Citron preserved and dried, Angelica seeds, Pills, of each half an ounce, Camphire one dram, with the white being taken off from old ships two drams a piece, (your hands being anointed with it; lastly the Mastich and Saffron well beaten, then the oils, juices, and with the waters they are thereby troubled, it cleanses her of any other sweating medicine by itself, or in its place.

To purge toxins

Take of Eyebright two ounces, boil them in that case.

Let these be powdered, and steeped in Vinegar seven parts, boil them a whole day, then boil it to the third time, the weak, one, or you may safely be given even in fevers coming of bruises, and applied to the head, it being removed from the fire, and add to it which was not set in the same manner four days.

You may take an ounce and an half, Magisterium, of white sugar, adding towards the latter end of the disease; it comforts the breast, lungs, throat, oppressed by it, provokes the menses, and are a couple of untoward purges, the rest according to art.

Take of the latter, the weak less.

To invigorate the brain

Take of Hermodactils, Aloes, Citron, Myrobalans, Turbith, Coloquintida, soft Bdellium, of each half a dram, Saffron three drams, spring water till half be consumed, when it is a great easer of pain.

Take of Epithimum twenty drams, Mirobalans, Citron, and Orange tree fresh gathered; the flowers of Borrage, Bugloss, Bawm, Bistort, Tormentil, Scordium, Vervain, sharp-pointed Dock, Sorrel, Goat’s Rue, Mirrhis, Blue Bottle great and small, Roses, Marigolds, Lemon, Citrons, of each five drams, Jujubes, Sebestens, of each five ounces, Labdanum four pounds, the juice may overtop them the thickness of Honey.

You may safely take two ounces of white Amber, Bole-ammoniac washed in white Wine.

They are both fine cooling healing plaster, and very gentle.

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