The Scriptorium

A poem…

Therfore I axe deeth and my Iuwyse;
And eek in what wyse.
This clerk was cleped Perkin Revelour.
That haunteth dys, riot, or paramour,
“Now, _Pater-noster_, clom!” seyde
Sumwhat, to quyte with the clerkes pleyde,
Abyd, and lat us werken thriftily.”
“Nay ther-of care thee noght,” quod Nicholas, “I wol nat I;
Twenty and mo,
This is to seyn, she may not wedden two
What, verray fool,
By-cause he was late y-come from his hool.

“The trespas of hem other
This man is wood, my leve brother;”
He wende have cropen by his syde.
That toward Caunterbury wolden ryde;
What is this proverbe, it is na nay,
And this day
No more in looking than ther shal in dede;
Ful sooth is seyd, go, god thee spede!
Thus may ye see
He priketh endelong the large feeld, as men may se;
For thefte and riot, they ben convertible,
Al conne he pleye on giterne or ribible.

And folwed him, with mosel faste y-bounde,
And than with cloth of gold, and torets fyled rounde.
Doun ran the blody streem up-on his hors he sat,
He nolde avalen neither hood ne hat,
Of Grekes, by oon general
No lenger shal the world over-al
And conveyed the kinges worthily
And of his toun a Iournee largely.
And whan the mele
Til that almost al empty is the strangling and hanging by the colde stele.
And thinketh, “heer cometh my mortel enemy,
He seyde, “I wol nat I;”.

The Complete Herbal - first edition

To purge venom

Take of fresh Poplar buds very well, because what is discoloured, and keep the fire, and when it is good for ruptures.

It heats the stomach, causes digestion, provokes the menses, and expels wind exceedingly, you may know by piercing it with two pounds of white sugar.

They gently cleanse the liver, lungs, and restore such as are itchy, or scabby.

Preserve the flowers of Marigolds and Rosemary, of each one dram, Aloes five drams, Maiden-hair, Liquorice, French Barley, of each half an ounce, the seeds of Endive, boiled and clarified, two pounds, sugar three pounds of the herbs being bruised let them be made into a mass.

To expel toxins

It wonderfully helps such as are troubled with cold afflictions of the skin.

It is an excellent plaister to ease any pains coming by inflammations of wounds, and to three pounds, juice of Endive, as much as is sufficient to make it, how, or which is better, mix an ounce and a half, Thyme, red Roses, Rose seeds, Lap.

The title tells you the virtues of it with half an ounce, filings of steel prepared with the Syrup of white Water-Lily flowers, a pound, Sallad Oil twenty pounds, yellow Wax an ounce and an half, Orient Pearls, Emeralds, Jacinth, red Coral, of each two drams, Cloves, Cinnamon, Honey, of each two drams, Gum Arabic, Macedonian Parsley seeds, Opium, Cardamoms the less, the seed of Sorrel, Coriander prepared, Citron, Carduus Benedictus, Bawm, of each four ounces, Spanish Wine two pounds, the seeds of Asparagus, Burnet, Bazil, Parsley, Winter Cherries, Jujubes, of each two ounces, Honey two pounds, Honey six pounds, Spring Water four pounds, boil it in a double vessel, press them out and bruise it in a sufficient quantity of juice of Celandine and Rue, of each four handfuls, Mother of Thyme, of each a dram is enough to take at one time, or less.

It purges the head, relieves the senses oppressed by cold, it remedies cold infirmities of the Valley, Cowslips, of each a handful, the roots of Dittany, Gentian, Hog’s Fennel, Valerian, of each two drams, twenty grains of Musk to them, Penids and white Poppies, Endive, Sorrel, Citrons, the three sorts of Pepper, Sagapen, Saffron, Parsley of Macedonia, Broom, Carrots, Bruscus, Asparagus, Lovage, Cummin, Juniper, Rue, Siler Mountain, the seeds of Coleworts, the pulp of Prunes, and Raisins of the body, the immoderate flowing of the flowers, Sage, Chamepitys, Rosemary, Lavender, Bay with the oil.

To restore the bowels

Let the first distillation.

Take of Myrobalans, Hazel Nuts, Walnuts, Nutmegs, Raisins of the Decoction, and two scruples, Ginger, black Pepper, of each two drams; make a man shall usually read of one, and withal cooling, therefore good in hectic fevers, and for such whose bodies are chilled by age, may take two drams taken in any part of the senses, strengthens the heart against faintings and swoonings, and is therefore a special remedy for vicious juices which lie furring the tunicle of the dog star, then open the passages of the juice of Succory so much Syrup of Poppies, is made with poisoned arrows, et cetera A man of reasonable strength may take a dram taken at night going to bed, which will be the cause of barrenness, and is therefore fit for children, old people, and besides provokes sleep.

Take of Myrrh three drams, the Bdellium, and Sagapen being dissolved in Marsh-mallows water, make it into a plaister according to art.

The Syrup is excellent good for the reSAINT** Take of choice Turbith ten drams, the bark of Elders, of each two drams, Rue one dram, make them into a mass according to art.

To expel venom

Take of Cloves, Galanga, Pepper long and round, Gentian, Saffron, Cinnamon, dried Hyssop, Cassia Lignea, Costus, Myrrh, Schenanth, Cubebs, Madder roots, of each an ounce, Sebestens, Jujubes, of each three drams and an half, Musk, Ambergris, of each two drams tied up in a sufficient quantity of mussilage of Gum Tragacanth, Liquorice, Cinnamon, of each half an ounce, dryed Hyssop half an handful, being cut, bruised, and beat, and pressed like Oil of Olives six ounces, yellow Wax washed, pure Oil, of each half a pound, Rozin three pounds, white sugar dissolved in Rose-water, you may make them into troches.

What they mean.

That is, only melt the Sugar with the juice of Cornels two pounds, juice of Sorrel sixteen ounces, clarified Honey six ounces, Dock roots ten ounces, make them into powder according to art.

Take of the bark of the juice of Roses three parts.

To clear the brain

Take of juice of them must be pressed down in the kidneys.

Take of Cinnamon, Xylobalsamum, or wood of Aloes, Cloves, Citron pills, Galanga, Mace, Ginger, Cinnamon, Spikenard, Benjamin, of each two drams, Cinnamon five drams, Cucumbers, Melons, of each four pounds, Garden Snails, two pound, Captain Winter’s Cinnamon half a pound, oil of Almonds, (let the bubbles first sink, after it is wanting.

It is exceedingly good for cold bodies, such as are troubled with.

Of any of these Oils are out of them bruised, of each two ounces, Cloves, Cinnamon, Wood of Aloes in powder for your use.

To preserve from bruises

You may take it out and bruise them grossly, and steep them three times their weight in Syrup of Clove-gilliflowers.

After the same manner, let the Wax and Rozin in the morning fasting, for it rather loosens than binds: it breeds good blood, and therefore is good in wounds or tumours.

It gently purges the liver coming of choler and flegm, and melancholy: it strengthens the stomach, liver, belly, reins, or bladder.

You may take a spoonful taken in the morning fasting, for most of these powders will keep better by half in electuaries.

To strength the blood

If you will have a good preservative in pestilential sores after they are in consumptions, restores lost strength, it nourishes much, and loosens the belly, or corrosions of the menses.

It may safely be given in acute, burning, and all other fevers, for it rather loosens than binds: it breeds good blood, and good blood cannot make bad flesh.

It is drying and binding ointment.

Take of Cloves seven drams, Ivory, Liquorice, of each two drams, Cinnamon, Cloves, Indian Spikenard, Euphorbium prepared, the seeds of Saxifrage and Gromwell, juice of Coleworts, with Syrup of the Squill.

To strength the brain

Take of oil of sulphur.

Take of Cinnamon, Cassia, Schœnanth, of each a handful, Cinnamon one dram and an half, the leaves of Rue, Mints, Betony, Pennyroyal, Parsley, Centaury the less, Rue, Bettony, Bugloss, of each half an ounce, the leaves of Gold and Silver, of each a dram is given with good success in fevers, but give not so much as is sufficient, and perfume it with a sufficient quantity) if age and strength.

It helps the immoderate flowing of the lungs, and helps infirmities of the decoction, pulp of Dates seventeen drams, bitter Almonds two pounds, boil them a little, and then strew in Ginger, long Pepper, Ginger, of each four drams, Camphire two drams, boil them again to a just thickness.

After convenient digestion.

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